The Mobile Wallet Tarpit

X Wallet

Privacy depends on uniform transactions
Beware the App Store watering hole attack
Hard forks damage the ecosystem
Privacy-first means money last

The X Wallet falls short of the ideal, but is an improvement over banking and most cryptocurrency apps.

x wallet webpage

Z Wallet

Stronger privacy against network attacks
Shielded addresses by default
Legal defense against watering hole attack
Hard forks easier to manage
Financed by the Zcash Foundation; privacy first

The Z Wallet would be closer to the ideal cryptocurrency wallet.


One tiny issue... have to write a new Zcash "lite" client

The goal is not software.

Money as email; sending cash in the mail
Make policies transparent, predictable
Stop discrimination in the financial system
Offer equal access to the financial system
Make surveillance of anyone not accused of a crime costly

Mobile wallets are necessary but not sufficient.

ubs app

Individuals and small teams don't affect consumer behavior. Large organizations always drive mobile money adoption.1,2

You need a bank:

ubs app

or maybe a telco:

ubs app

Trade digital assets without counter party risk.


Realtime settlement


Maintain custody

No front running


Requires HTLC capability in supported assets

Requires strong security promise

Requires "molasses in winter" forks

Work to ossify the API!